Wednesday Raffles

Our Wednesday meat raffle ticket go on sale from 05:30pm and concludes at 07:00pm, Early Bird Tickets are available between 05:30pm and 06:00pm where you will get double tickets during this time.

We have a walk-around Seafood Tray mini-raffle that will be on sale from 06:15pm and will be drawn prior to the main raffle at 07:00pm. 

Throughout the night we also have a free fun trivia where a lucky winner can walk away with a free bottle of our house wine.

Our Members Draw also runs on Wednesday where 4x Main Draws will be drawn randomly between 06:00pm and 07:30pm. Each Draw will jackpot by $25.00 if not claimed see our Secon-Chance Draw below.


Bec's Kitchen Sepcials

Chicken Schnitzel Special from $12.00 for members reserve a table at Bec's Kitchen:
02 4321 6829.

Second-Chance Draw

If the Members badge draw is not claimed a member that is in the club with the closest umber could claim a $50.00 prize.

Book our Courtesy Bus

Take the hassle out of driving and get our friendly courtesy bus to pick you up by calling
02 4384 1403

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